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Corner Blocks Make it Easier


Corner blocks are one of the best kept secrets of crown moulding installation.  Crown moulding truly is the finishing touch in a well decorated room, but many people hesitate to install this beautiful millwork because they fear it will be difficult to cut and install the mitered corners.  The thought of trying to get the angles right and fitting two different strips of moulding together makes them nervous.  You can easily install professional looking crown moulding, however, if you use corner blocks to finish the inside and outside corners.

What are Corner Blocks?  

Corner blocks are architecturally designed squares of detailing that fit snugly into or around a corner where two walls meet the ceiling in a room.  The block acts as a decorative element and makes it much easier to install crown moulding because it does away with the need for mitering.  The two edges of crown moulding on either side of the corner block simply butt up against the sides of the block and you're done.  No mitering, no tricky angles to work with, just a beautifully finished corner.

Using corner blocks also gives you added versatility with the style of your millwork.  If you've chosen a relatively simple style of crown moulding due to the small size of a room or a low ceiling, you may want to add a bit more detail and drama with some more elaborate touches in the corners of the room.  Using decorative corner blocks that are a bit more detailed can add the drama and architectural detail you crave without weighing down the room or detracting from the ceiling height.

Today's fiberglass corner blocks and crown moulding make easy crown moulding installation and breeze.  Polyurethane millwork doesn't split, splinter or crack and is easy to paint, making installation of beautiful crown moulding detail even easier.


Corner Block Style Options  

When you order your crown moulding, be sure to ask if there are specific styles of corner block recommended to go with it.  In some cases, particularly if you are using an elaborately detailed moulding, there will be corner blocks specifically designed to seamlessly continue the architectural detail around the room.  However, this isn't your only option. 

Have you chosen an easy crown moulding that features a tiny, repeating pattern of flowers?  Consider corner blocks that feature a swag of flowers or a single, large central flower to emphasize the floral theme.  If you're installing crown moulding that is a classic linear design, you could add some punch with elaborate, art corner blocks that add more angles and unusual shapes to the corners of the room.  For a traditional dining room, you can add polyurethane crown moulding with traditional scalloping and combine it with corner blocks featuring the acanthus leaf. 

Don't let a room with multiple corners and outside edges intimidate you when you're considering decorative millwork.  Easy crown moulding installation with a designer look is possible when you use decorative corner blocks to eliminate the need for mitering.  You'll love your new look so much, you'll wonder why you waited so long!