Wooden Brackets and Wood Moulding
Stain Guide

Selecting the best wood species is important in order to come up with the result desired.

If your wooden brackets or blocks are going to be finished with a coating of paint and used it on the interior, Poplar, Lindenwood, and Pine are the best choice. For exterior applications Mahogany is the best product to use for wooden mouldings, brackets or blocks. To determine what stain to use when staining your wood products, choose a wood species that matches your current application. Examples of different stains on a variety of wood species are shown below. All of our wood products are come sanded and ready to paint or stain.

This Pacific Northwestern wood species is one of the softer hardwoods. Alder has a light brown coloration and a red or yellowish tinge. Overall, Alder machines, nails, glues and finishes well. It is straight-grained and uniformly textured.
Clear Light Stain Medium Stain Dark Stain

Cedar (Western Red)
Cedar is an evergreen tree, and it keeps its needle-like leaves all year. It is richly scented and renowned for its decay-resistant and moth repellant qualities. Cedarwood has a pale to warm brown coloration.
Clear Light Stain Medium Stain Dark Stain

Cherry is a popular choice for the crafting of many home furnishings and wood interiors. The distinctive rich reddish-brown coloration of Cherry makes it a favorite. Cherry darkens as it ages.
Clear Light Stain Medium Stain Dark Stain

Mahogany is valued for its rich coloration and excellent durability. The wood is generally straight-grained and it has an attractive sheen. Over time, mahogany darkens to a deep reddish-brown.

Hard Maple is also known as Sugar Maple and Black Maple. This cold weather tree is long-favored by furniture makers and valued for its strength and weight. Hard Maple is finely textured and ranges from pale to brown.
Clear Light Stain Medium Stain Dark Stain

Pine is a member of the evergreen family. It is abundant and diverse around the world.  Pinewood is pale in color and it can have contrasting annual rings. It does not shrink or swell greatly.
Clear Light Stain Medium Stain Dark Stain

Poplar is a member of the magnolia family, and it exists as a sizeable percentage of commercial hardwoods. Poplar is a yellowish-brown in hue. It also includes a straight grain, and it is fine in texture.
Clear Light Stain Medium Stain Dark Stain

Red Oak
Abundant Red Oak is responsible for over 35% percent of the commercial hardwood market. This wood species is strong, hard and heavy. Red Oak I slight brown in color with a rich grain texture.
Clear Light Stain Medium Stain Dark Stain

Redwoods, evergreen members of the sequoia family, are among the largest and oldest trees. Redwood has a reddish-brown coloration. Redwood is a popular wood used in exterior applications because it is naturally resistant to decay.
Clear Light Stain Medium Stain Dark Stain

Walnut is known for its rich appearance. Walnut has a chocolate brown coloration and its grain texture, which can sometimes be wavy or curly, has an ornamental quality. Walnut darkens and takes on a richer appearance over time.
Clear Light Stain Medium Stain Dark Stain

White Oak
White Oak, an Eastern United States native, is straight-grained and features light to dark brown heartwood. White Oak is a heavy wood with excellent moisture resistant qualities. Use galvanized nails with this wood as it reacts with iron.
Clear Light Stain Medium Stain Dark Stain

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