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wooden bracket manufacturerBuy decorative carved wood mouldings and accents, ready to stain with your chosen finish. We carry a large selection of wood corbels, brackets and blocks in a number of wood species to match up to existing profiles or to add decor to your home or project with classic elegance.
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wooden bracket manufacturerCraftsman Series Wooden Blocks and Corbels:
 . . . a history of elegant design

Wood-corbels have been an essential element of architecture throughout many centuries. These modest but sturdy architectural works provide backing to extruding surfaces, which enables them to bear heavy weight. In essence, corbels are identified by their "beak like" form. Originally manufactured from stone or concrete, the Victorian-Era introduced the idea of wooden-corbels. Since wood-corbels could be produced in smaller dimensions than the heavier stone corbels, it permitted the utilization of corbels to go beyond cathedrals and libraries and move into less majestic type environments such as homes and smaller buildings.

Initially corbels were first and foremost used for only practical purposes. Even though they were created in a decorative manner, they were created out of necessity. With the invention of wooden-corbels, designs became more prominent instead of functional. Wood-corbels can be found with lifelike characters like horses, angels, fruit, and carved leafs. Included in the amalgamation of decorative corbels are metal-corbels. With lustrous designs and exclusive shapes, metal-corbels offer an ornamental affect perfectly matched to accentuate granite, concrete, stone, and various kinds of wood.

As far as ornamental wood-brackets or corbels, one of the broadest varieties is the Greco Roman. Even though particular designs will vary somewhat, the identical fundamental scrolling model from the widest element to the smallest, connects the many diverse motifs. Whether the decorative details are basket weaves or leaf detail, the basic shape keeps every unique corbel with an identifiable appearance, maintaining the beauty and exclusivity that corbels have handed down throughout decorative history. With conspicuously contemporary selections like the Chesapeake-corbels, and turn-of-the-century designs including the Traditional-Bracket, there are plenty of models to choose from. There is also a broad range of heavier or lighter grains to select from such as maple or oak.

Another unique decorative piece that has become more prevalent in modern day home decorating is wood-ceiling medallions. Wood-ceiling medallions are installed in the middle of a wood ceiling medallionceiling over a ceiling fan, lamp, or chandelier. In the past, ceiling-medallions were only carved from wood, but now they can be found in various inexpensive, lightweight materials made of molded resin or urethane. Ceiling-medallions can be similar in detail like wooden-corbels, and vary in style and depth.

Below you will find a bit more information about the various wood-corbel designs including metal corbels:

Hand Carved Corbels

Hand-carved singular pieces fascinate and enthuse anyone who looks at them. The intricately hand-carved-corbels possesses their own unique beauty. Many designs are obtainable in over ten wood categories.

Contemporary Wood Brackets

These wood-brackets can be bold tinged with contemporary flair. Created with a slim curved front, these corbels encompass flat sides minus any carvings.

Basket Weave Corbels

Basket-weave corbels include intricate detail while exemplifying a country-home style appearance. This type of corbel is well matched with rustic-pine tables, Hoosier hutches, together with various other embellishments. Every corbel is hand-carved to include the exact amount of basket-weave that combines architectural elegance with a warm homey feel, and can also be found on various components such as appliqués, mouldings, and legs.

Mission Corbels

The orderly and traditional looking mission-corbel adds the perfect accent to any kitchen. This style is minimalist that can be utilized in modern or rustic-cabin type designs.

decorative wood corbel imageGrape Corbels

This unique style of wooden corbel is meticulously designed, together with stunning, effervescent acanthus leaves. They can usually be found in kitchens adding a unique accent and authenticity.

Acanthus Leaf Corbels

Amongst the originating, most beautiful ornamental designs ever created, the Acanthus-Leaf corbel is an architectural beauty. Still adored today as it was in the times of ancient Greece, the Acanthus-Leaf corbels has waned in and out of favor but never completely forgotten.

Classic Corbels

There are numerous sizes with this design including bar and cabinet-height corbels, and utilized in numerous applications such as range hoods, countertop supports, under an upper cabinet, or shelving.

Traditional Corbels & Brackets

Historically, corbels and wooden brackets were strictly for practical purposes. When the Renaissance began, plainness turned to embellishments and subtle beauty and sturdiness had vanished under intricate designs and polychrome surfaces. Original designs consisted of an extended "S" with delicate elucidations of the well-known ogee form.

Metal Corbels & Brackets

These types of corbels are best suited for bars, cabinets, shelving, and mantles. The attentive addition of metal crates elegance, luxury, and character. Various designs include the Antique-Chelsea, Lincolnshire-design, and Florentine-scrolls.